2024 EiM University and Careers Counselling Summit Concluded Successfully

Sharing best practices and invaluable current information to support students' educational journeys

Over Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 May, the annual EiM University and Careers Counselling summit was successfully held at Dulwich International High School Suzhou. These summits are excellent opportunities for sharing best practice for university and careers advice but also an invaluable source of current information with which to support our students in their educational journeys. The whole EiM network of Dulwich College International Schools and Dulwich International High schools, Dehong Schools, and the Green School Bali came together with over 45 participants focused on building new knowledge as well as understanding the trends of universities.

Over the course of these two days our counsellors shared information and ideas on topics as diverse as:


Trends of applications before, during and after the Covid-19 pandemic for competitive US colleges, in terms of the range of factors affecting success rates: SAT/ACT testing, gender, university context and institutional priorities.


The need to submit SAT/ACT to different colleges is returning in the USA was discussed by the group and our guest speakers. The conclusions of the group were that we will be recommending students applying to the US to take ACT or SAT in the coming years. 


Lucien Giordano, Group Director of International Outreach and Alumni Engagement at EiM explored the trends at each campus and how our group of schools is best placed to tackle the challenging areas of counselling in the future -"By working collaboratively and maximizing our collective voice, EiM has a massive amount of talent in College Counsellors - meaning universities around the world trust our schools. The counselling teams can contact each admissions officer and talk directly to facilitate the best outcomes for each of our students".


Hosting a live panel session with the University of Cambridge and Durham University, examining topics such as successful UCAS application profiles and the future of admissions testing counsellors across the schools heard directly about the new requirements coming in next year and about the changing admission rates for each university.


Gaining insights into competitive US college admissions from former admissions officers from Harvard and Wellesley College. The group also learnt about the developments in AI being used by admissions to measure demonstrated interest.


The management team of Maialearning, an application platform, also shared new upgraded features during the summit, including US college essay developments and support as well as university fact sheets.

Keeping on top of current trends and developments in the ever-changing field of university admissions is a vital part of supporting our students with the best possible advice for their pathways, and the surest way to help them to 'Live Worldwise.'