8th EiM Student Leadership Conference in Xi’an

Lead Worldwise: Empowering students across 12 schools in 5 countries

The 8th EiM Student Leadership Conference with the participation of over 130 students and teachers from across 12 schools in 5 countries was successfully held at Dehong Xi'an (DEXA) between 25th to 27th January 2024. Students and teachers from Education in Motion (EiM)’s family of schools gathered for this exciting event including Dulwich College International schools in China, Singapore and Korea, Dehong schools in China, and Hochalpines Institut Ftan (HIF) in Switzerland. Dulwich College International’s founding school in London, Dulwich College, also participated in the conference.


The EiM Student Leadership Conference is a global student event across our family of schools, encompassing different ages, campuses, countries, and cultures, with the theme of enhancing student leadership and empowering students to lead positive change. In the conference's eight-year history, it was the first time for it to be held at a Dehong school and also the first EiM event ever held at DEXA. The conference aims to guide young students in becoming the positive change-makers in their communities and to “Lead Worldwise” – which means developing leadership skills to strengthen a sense of social responsibility, promote sustainable development, and contribute to positive changes in the world.


The workshops were designed and facilitated by JUMP! Foundation, a professional education team invited by EiM, to lead student teams to explore and practice leadership. Aligned with EiM’s philosophy of a holistic education, JUMP! offers experiential education programmes, which is a response to what its founding members saw as a need in youth education for programmes that address issues of leadership and global citizenship. JUMP! has delivered programmes throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and North America for over 30,000 youth in 30 countries across 6 continents. 


In a world that has become more interconnected and accessible due to the influence of new media and globalisation, at EiM, we recognised the importance of fostering awareness among youth about cultures, communities and challenges that extend beyond the boundaries of their immediate environment. We aspire to cultivate a collaborative space where students converge to not only challenge and inspire one another but also to instigate positive change to make the world around us a better place. 

Under the guidance of teachers and external facilitators, students engaged in diverse interactive workshops and discussions across a three-day period.

Topics included:

  • Community Building and Change Making
  • Leadership Skills Development
  • Create a School Action Plan Framework

The students' confidence, creativity, reflective abilities, communication skills, and leadership performance left teachers from around the world impressed and inspired!

During the welcome ceremony, all teachers and students enjoyed a traditional Chinese instrumental performance, showcasing the essence of Chinese traditional culture. Musicians, including two DEXA students, played Chinese drums, suona, erhu, and presenting a welcoming musical piece. The opening ceremony featured a percussion performance by students and a stage play "Four Seasons," both highly creative and marking the official beginning of the event!


In addition to the intensive leadership-themed learning and discussions, students also visited the Datang Pagoda Street and Xi'an Film Studio for experiencing the ancient classic beauty of Xi'an and gaining inspiration from the innovative stories created by contemporary filmmakers in Xi'an.

The conference drew to a successful close on the 27th, and students bid farewell after a highly engaging, collaborative and rewarding three days. They expressed that the themes of "communication, innovation, listening, and responsibility" provided them with a clearer understanding and reflection on leadership and what it means to be a good leader. Empowered with new skills and a renewed sense of purpose, our students were eager to start thinking about how they can make a positive impact in their communities and contribute towards a more sustainable future.



Edgar Zillmann

EiM Head of Events and Educational Partnerships
Organiser of EiM SLC

Delighted to celebrate the triumph of our 2024 EiM Student Leadership Conference in Xi'an, hosted on the wonderful campus of Dehong Xi’an School. With participation from 12 international schools from Europe to Asia, over 130 student leaders and teachers engaged in a transformative learning experience. We collectively advanced our commitment in supporting our students and communities to Lead Worldwise. The enriching cultural excursions in Xi'an added a unique dimension, fostering cross-cultural understanding and unity.

Jett Brunet

Head of JS Student Leadership & Agency at DCB
Organiser of EiM SL

We facilitated three 1-hour sessions with Teacher Leads to share what we are currently doing regarding Student Leadership across our schools, and how we would like to develop student leadership across EiM. Students have come together here in Dehong Xi’an to work together to collaborate to learn student leadership capabilities and really to come away with a better understanding of who they are, what they can do to help their community and become change agents for good. As students return to their respective cities and schools, I hope that they remember the connections that have been made, and remember that leaders first listen and discover what their communities need. We hope that students will continue to engage with and benefit from the media, interviews, surveys, and observations that were shared.

d’Arcy Lynn

Group Head of Sustainability Global Citizenship
Organiser of EiM SLC

2024 Student Leadership Conference has been quite unique. We’re trying something new in this conference instead of us creating action plans. What we're actually creating here is a plan of how we will listen to our community and have a needs-based approach to creating positive change. I'm always delighted to see our students make friends so quickly, create wonderful moments and connections, explore important topics and issues, and learn from each other so that they can make positive contributions to their school and community.

Travis Washko

Head of School

Three key words that define leadership. First listen. You don't ever learn anything by talking, you learn so much by listening. Second, to make decisions. You can't always be prepared for everything, but you have to be flexible. Listening leads into that flexibility. Lastly, I think anything with leadership you need to have a lot of energy and a lot of passion.

Fallon Walsh

Humanity Teacher of DEXA
Organiser of DEXA of Student Council

DEXA students stepped up and showed the true spirit of being a DEXAer! I was extremely proud of each one of them and their growth and progress throughout the three days and I am excited to see how they start to show their leadership in the new semester. We looked at well-being, being the first to take a step to leading as well as how to do this more sustainably for the future.