Celebrating Digital Citizenship Week 2022

Empowering digital leaders for the future
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"Digital citizens are responsible, confident users of technology that connect with, care about, and act positively within our community and beyond."

At EiM, we embrace digital citizenship as an important part of our students' education. Stemming from our core values, we take a student-centred approach with the goal of educating our students to become global citizens and Live Worldwise.

Digital Citizenship Week, which occurs during the third week in October, is a great opportunity to focus on digital citizenship and support students in developing the skills they need to navigate the digital world safely, ethically, and effectively.

To celebrate this year, we have curated a full week’s worth of Digital Citizenship resources with different themes for each day.

Oct.17 Creating good digital citizens

In this podcast, Richard Culatta, CEO of the International Society for Technology in Education, speaks about the five steps to creating good digital citizens and how to turn the current online "culture shift" into something positive, respectful, and more accessible to all.

Oct.18 Establishing best practices

Let’s go over some practical tips in becoming smarter technology users while protecting our mental health and wellbeing.

Oct. 19 Guidance on the use of digital platforms

Twitch, Discord, Steam, HouseParty, and Replika are some of the most commonly used digital platforms nowadays. What do parents and teachers need to know about them? How can we support our students and/or children better in using them? Look into these fantastic guides created by National Online Safety, an education group dedicated to making the internet a safer place for children.

Oct. 20 Establishing Healthy Screen Time Habits

Depending on how we use it, technology can be either a priceless tool or an endless distraction. Digital Citizenship Week is the perfect time to talk about healthy screen time habits. Read on for expert recommendations on setting healthy digital media habits at home.

Oct. 21 Staying Safe Online

We all know how important Internet Safety is but how do we make sure we’re doing everything we can to stay safe online? On the surface, being smart when using the Internet seems pretty simple – but online scams and the like are increasingly sophisticated and easy to fall for. So, we wrap up this year’s Digital Citizenship Week with some tips on staying safe online.

The journey to being a good digital citizen doesn’t just end when Digital Citizenship Week ends. This dedicated week is part of our ongoing effort to teach students how to make safe, smart, and ethical decisions in the digital world and to educate students who connect, care, and act for their community and beyond. Join us in celebrating Digital Citizenship Week by creating a culture of digital citizenship!