Dehong Beijing Wins Students for Sustainability Award

Championing inclusivity and innovation

We are thrilled to share with everyone that Dehong Bejing International Chinese school, part of the EiM family, has won the Students for Sustainability Award at the China Schools Awards 2022.

On the evening of February 24, we gathered in Chengdu with over 30 schools and 20 educational institutions from 15 cities across the country. The Students for Sustainability Award recognizes and commends Dehong Beijing International Chinese School for creating a supportive and inclusive environment for the entire community, including students, faculty, and parents, through innovation and the establishment of school rules and regulations. The award aims to help everyone thrive on their educational journey.

About the Awards

The China Schools Awards celebrate the best of K12 international education in China. Rotating annually they are hosted in Beijing, Chengdu, and Guangzhou. The accreditation includes over 50 schools and 10 awards in different categories such as Holistic Education, Pastoral Care and Staff Development and Wellbeing to name a few. The awards ceremony also serves as a platform for educators to collaborate, discuss, and learn from pioneers in the industry from all over the country.

We are thrilled to see that EiM's innovative practises in education have been recognised with this award. Congratulations to Dehong Beijing International Chinese School for their outstanding achievements. Moving forward, EiM will continue to expand our network, share experiences, and leverage community resources to lead in education and create a sustainable future.