Green School Bali wins architecture award

Congratulations to Green School Bali

We are extremely proud that "The Arc" at Green School Bali (GSB) has won the 2022 Institution of Structural Engineers Supreme Award for Structural Excellence for advancing the structural application of low-carbon materials. This structure boasts the largest bamboo arches yet constructed, and brings to life a space that supports physical wellbeing and sport, as well as music and theater arts performances, community gatherings, cultural events and more. This exciting honour once again exemplifies both Green School's and EiM’s firm commitment to pioneering education for a sustainable future, part of which is ensuring that sustainability is embedded across all schools.

What is the Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence?

For over 50 years, the Structural Awards have showcased the world's most cutting-edge engineering achievements, presented by the Institution of Structural Engineers, the world's leading professional body for qualifications and standards in structural engineering. Past winners include iconic structures such as the Sydney Opera House, the Pompidou Center, and the Severn Bridge.

From a shortlist of 41 projects, ten winning projects were selected, and among them only two were presented with the coveted Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence. This year, exciting changes are coming to the Awards to recognise the incredible way structural engineers around the world are responding to emerging issues in construction, particularly the climate crisis. Judges assessed candidates against four key criteria:

  • Process (technical innovation)
  • Profession (professional advocacy)
  • People (social value)
  • Planet (environmental impact)

"The Arc" at Green School Bali

The Arc is the new gymnasium at the world-renowned Green School in Bali, Indonesia. The first building of its kind ever made, the Arc is an ambitious demonstration of the structural use of bamboo, utilising the material’s unique combination of strength and flexibility. Anticlastic shells span between 19-m-wide and 13-m-high arches, both of which contribute to the structural spanning. Due to the variable material properties of bamboo and the pioneering form, extensive testing was carried out to justify the design.

Comments from panel judges

"One used research, creativity, and the use of local raw materials to deliver a spectacular project with natural materials at its heart."

"Ark Gymnasium is an extraordinary project. It brings together local materials, fundamental research, and creativity-charged structural engineering expertise to produce something of pure delight. Not only does it demonstrate how we might consider the spectacular use of natural building materials for major projects, but it also lays out the path, via research, that can lead to the confident use of such materials. This is a marvellous demonstration of artistry, technical know-how, and a drive towards net zero."

The aim was to push the boundaries of bamboo design and engineering to achieve sustainable and net-zero credentials while delivering design excellence to inspire our students and their community. The Arc provides an iconic space for our students to play, grow, and learn. This award also makes us feel proud.

"Congratulations to Green School Bali (GSB) and all the architects, designers, engineers, and contractors involved in realizing the award-winning ‘The Arc’. It is a clear expression of GSB’s absolute commitment to sustainability, showcasing the use of materials, designs, and the power of nature for practical purposes. EIM is honored and excited to have GSB as a member of its ‘family of schools’. Building on such examples, it is hoped that the drive to find sustainable solutions in our campuses will become more commonplace as all EIM Group’s students, staff, and communities benefit from continued collaboration, the positive exchange of ideas, with the shared objective of creating a more sustainable future." -- Richard Barnard, Director of School Operations, EiM

"The Arc" is a wonderful representation of sustainability and global citizenship, where we don't just do these things, but they are a part of who we are. Our students and our group will grow up with this being a feature in their lives and take that with them into the future of how the world, a school, or a building can look while being sustainable and beautiful." -- d’Arcy Lunn, Group Head of Sustainability and Global Citizenship, EiM

"Congratulations to The Arc in GSB for this honour. It is precisely because of GSB's strong commitment and persistence to sustainability that EiM is very honoured to have GSB join our school family. It is hoped that through future exchanges and cooperation, our students can further learn to draw wisdom and strength from nature and create a more sustainable future." -- Grace Hu, Head of Sustainability, EiM

Massive congratulations to Green School Bali! This remarkable milestone and serves as an inspiration for all members of our schools to continue promoting a sustainable future.