New Year, New Professional Learning Opportunities

Enabling the growth of our educators

At Education in Motion, we empower, connect and support our extraordinary team to nurture the next generation of outstanding global citizens – opening the door to a pioneering network to make a positive impact through education. 

To inspire and enable our entire organisation to achieve Worldwise ambitions, we launched the EiM Group Professional Learning (PL) Day, when educators from across the EiM group connect and collaborate for an active and enriching day of professional learning. Lesley Meyer, Chief Education Officer, and Crispian Farrow, Chief Innovation Officer, inaugurated the event with a live stream broadcast, welcoming our global community followed by a panel discussion that set the agenda for the day.

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3

Over 1000 educators from across the EiM group explored and deepened their understanding of reflexive pedagogy, re-designing hundreds of units of work to incorporate features that will increase student agency, engagement, well-being, collaboration and future-ready skills. It was a powerful demonstration of the collective expertise across EiM schools and our commitment to designing learning that is Worldwise. 

Professional learning is a constant and continuous journey in our schools, and the Dulwich Digital Difference (D3) transformative educational journey includes not only the Global PL day itself with expert panelists from China, Singapore and the US, but also workshops across the Colleges and High Schools, collaboration groups, online courses, bespoke animations, the EiM Global Podcast series and multiple digital playbooks. Schools will now be taking part in reflexive tool pilots in the coming months, each part sequenced to connect and build on prior learning and work, leveraging some of the technologies already put in place by the D3 programme.

A new year brings with it a sense of renewed vigor and possibility, of growth and opportunity. 2023 will be a year of continued professional growth as we:

  • Support collaboration groups across schools to share innovative practices and work together to solve new challenges.
  • Provide teachers with high-quality training programs and daily guidance to support them in practicing evidence-based education in different contexts.
  • Organize special group wide professional learning and development activities to update learning themes and provide extensive communication opportunities.
  • Practice and enrich leadership programmes to help faculty members improve their self-awareness and inspire participants to continuously achieve self-breakthrough.
  • Introduce a series of workshops focused on the wellbeing of educators to encourage a shared commitment to a positive and healthy work environment.

As we embark on a new year, we want to take a moment to congratulate our extraordinary team for yet another incredible year of nurturing the next generation. We look forward to a wonderful 2023.