Sustainability and Global Citizenship at EiM

Pioneering education for a sustainable future

At Education in Motion, we are pioneering education for a sustainable future. This means our approach is to infuse and embed Sustainability and Global Citizenship across our whole organisation. As an organisation, we are also committed to measuring, maintaining and progressing sustainable practices and impacts. As an educational provider of a holistic education, we are committed to providing purpose-driven learning experiences that are guided by a deep sense of connection to people and the planet.

Through our commitment to Sustainability and Global Citizenship, we engage our students and staff to understand the impact of their actions and support them to take purposeful decisions and action for positive global change, while championing best practices and mindsets across our group.

We have defined four pillars that shape our sustainability and global citizenship goals and outcomes: Learning, Planet, People, and Policy.


We nurture leaders who are passionate and equipped to create solutions to the world's problems by creating opportunities for students to engage with practical, real-world issues and by delivering innovative education that is wellbeing-focused, academically rigorous, socially and emotionally enriching, safe, holistic and world-class.


We contribute to positive environmental impacts by helping students gain a holistic understanding of the complex and interconnected issues that affect the future of our planet, while also allowing them to engage with sustainable solutions and beyond. 


We build communities of learning that feel safe, inclusive and equal for people of all different abilities, backgrounds and perspectives, and work to ensure our learners approach problem-solving from a place of empathy, cultural understanding and community connection. 


We maintain a robust governance system that includes carbon mapping and annual ESG reporting to ensure well-informed, ethical and transparent sustainability and global citizenship practices are integrated into all aspects of the organisation, and are well overseen and managed. In addition, we create regular opportunities for reflection to evolve and improve our governance alongside our rapidly changing world.